What is Search?


What is Search?

SEARCH for Christian Maturity is an annual weekend retreat for youth affiliated with the United Methodist Church, however Search has had candidates from different faiths and denominations. 

Who Attends?


The retreat has been aimed at youth from 9th to 12th grade. 

Search is an open, inclusive and affirming Christian community. All are welcome. It is for anyone looking to strengthen his or her relationship with God, or even begin a relationship for the first time. 

What goes on at Search?

Youth from many different churches are able to meet, make friends, have meaningful discussions, and learn more about what it means to be a Christian.

Small groups, music, activities, prayer time, and important talks given by other youth are just a few of the things that make the retreat great.

Why Attend?

Attending Search is a great way to improve or even begin a close, personal relationship with God. 

You will think about your life, what you can change and where you've been keeping God out.

You will have a great time, make friends and  forge lasting memories.

At an age where pressures are very difficult, you can learn what you can do in your everyday life to be the best Christian you can be.

What's so special about Search?

Search is a retreat unlike many others.

One of the main reasons it's different is the weekend is led by youth.  The youth leading the retreat are 'Past Searchers' or 'Search Alumni' who got something special out of the retreat and want to give back a little of what they experienced.
But honestly, the best way to find out what's so special about Search is to come find out for yourselves!

When and Where?

The Retreat takes place Friday January 3rd to Sunday January 5th, at Mount Misery in Browns Mills, New Jersey.

More specifics can be found below. 

Dates & Times

 January 5th 7PM -

 January 7th - 4:30pm


Pinelands Center At Mt Misery, 801 Mt Misery Road, Browns Mills NJ, 08015